“The Rock” as it is called by the locals… is a very inhospitable place. As if the steep, rugged and often deadly terrain wasn’t bad enough.

If it doesn’t sting you, bite you, poke you or make you bleed you won’t find it on The Rock.

Peterson’s Bowhunting lists it as “the most challenging bow hunt on earth”

So why?.. do you ask…  There is an unexplainable draw to the idea of matching my abilities against an adversary that has beaten so many before me and so many better than myself.  I know very well that the odds are stacked against me and chances are I will not succeed but I still want to go there to do battle. Not with The Rock, not with the Bezoar (Ibex) but with myself.

Watch the video to see the outcome of John’s hunt for New Mexico Ibex.

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