On August 23, 2021, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, signed Executive Order 2021-18. This Executive Order allows for the creation of the Habitat Conservation Framework (HCF). The HCF will look to reverse the loss of Nevada’s wildlands. These wildlands have been suffering due to several reasons including invasive species, habitat fragmentation, drought, and wildfires.

The HCF will look to involve several groups and industries in the state with federal agencies to identify and assess the value of high-quality habitats. It is hoped that the HCF will then work with all these groups to create improvement projects throughout the state. Likewise, the state will look to use the HCF to locate and prioritize landscapes that are under threat. As well as create and implement strategies to restore and conserve at-risk wildlife habitats particularly related to migration corridors. The HCF Order was written and developed due to the Great American Outdoors Act that was signed into law last year. Nevada Governor Sisolak wanted the HCF to reflect Nevada’s commitment to conserve, restore, and rehabilitate habitat throughout the state.

Several states across the west have renewed their focus on protecting migration corridors. Recently we at Ehuntr have covered stories about both Colorado and New Mexico protecting migration corridors. You can read about the Colorado story by clicking here. Likewise, you can find the New Mexico article by clicking here.

As wildlife migration routes and corridors become a bigger focus for wildlife agencies it is important that we as hunters focus on improving them where we can. Our friends over at the Winter Range Foundation have been focusing heavily on migration corridors and obviously, winter range locations. Protecting and improving these two habitats is crucial for healthy wildlife populations. You can check out their website by clicking here.

What are your thoughts on the Nevada Governor signing the HCF order? Do you think it will help improve and protect wildlands within the state? Let us know in the comments!

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