Montana now has millions of acres of huntable private land!

For years Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks officials have worked with and asked private landowners to participate in the Block Management Program. With the help of private landowners, the Block Management Program provides the public with free hunting access to private lands. As a result, this season over 1,200 private landowners enrolled in the program. Consequently, the Block Management Program will provide hunters with access to over 7 million acres of private land.

Block Management Program Details

Landowners that enroll in the Progam do not forfeit any private property rights. Private landowners still have the right to deny access for cause and the right to enforce ranch rules. Montana FWP strongly recommends hunters pick up a copy of the 2020 hunting access guide book. They also recommend picking up several maps that allow them to identify which block management area they wish to hunt. Hunters can also visit their website for more information.

Hunters can use the access guide, maps, and/or the website to identify a region and block management area. From there, they need to identify if that area is Type 1 or Type 2.

  • Type 1 BMA areas are where hunters control there own permission paperwork. Type 1 areas don’t require permission from the private landowner. They also do not limit the number of hunters nor do they require reservations.
  • Type 2 BMA areas are where someone other than the hunter issues permission to use the land. Usually, hunters have to receive permission from FWP staff members or a landowner to hunt the BMA. These BMAs often require reservations and limits hunter numbers.

FWP staff members would like to remind hunters that many BMAs have specific rules that must be followed. These rules can be found in an additional column in the hunting access guide book. Likewise, hunters can find other information like restrictions and contact information for obtaining permission to hunt.

The Block Management Program is funded primarily through the sales of nonresident licenses. The money then goes back to the private landowners as compensation for allowing hunting on their land.

It’s a great program that Montan uses to provide millions of acres of huntable private land. Have you ever hunted on Block Management land? Do you think the program works well? Let us know in the comments!


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