Montana FWP responded to livestock depredations complaints, a grizzly bear was euthanized as result.

After four beef calves were killed along the Rocky Mountain Front, FWP went on the search for the perpetrator. Landowners in the area reported signs of grizzly bears in the area as well as watching a bear kill some of the beef calves. However, it wasn’t as easy as simply finding one grizzly bear. This year it is believed that at least 3 separate bears have been reported near Augusta. After getting approval from the USFWS, FWP officials began searching the area where the most recent calf killing took place. So after, FWP found a bear in the area and euthanized it.

The 390-pound male grizzly was euthanized by firearm rather than being caught in a trap. The bear was donated to Choteau High School students. The students are going to use the bear to construct a replica for bear spray training lessons

FWP officials want to remind people that bear activity is increasing along the Rocky Mountain Front, and residents should try to avoid conflicts.

Below we will list some of the ways FWP suggests that people avoid bear conflicts.
  • Dispose of old grain through sanitation services, burning or dumping away from people, buildings, and livestock.
  • If possible, secure domestic animals within an electric fence when unattended by people or at night. This includes poultry, goats, sheep, or rabbits.
  • Place creep feeders, molasses, and mineral blocks in open areas where humans and livestock can easily view the area before entering.
  • Place tarps under loaders when transferring grain to prevent spills.
  • Dispose of carcasses, and after birth through sanitation services, inside an electrified boneyard, or by distributing away from people, buildings, and livestock. Electric fences can be placed around fresh carcasses and bone piles until they can be permanently removed.
  • Notify your neighbors if you do observe a grizzly bear in the area to help make others aware.
  • Don’t let grizzly bears linger in your yard or in close proximity to your home or other structures because this can lead to habituation. Call an FWP specialist to help deter bears if you are not comfortable or able to do so.

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