Those hoping to one-day hunt wolves in Minnesota again can breathe a little easier for now. Although wolves are still listed, the Trump administration has considered delisting them. Those grumblings brought on a ban sponsored by Democratic Farmer Labor Rep. Peter Fischer, as an amendment to a larger natural resources bill that passed the Minnesota House earlier this year by one vote. Minnesota State Senate didn’t even hold a vote on the issue.

The ban would have made recreational wolf hunting illegal regardless of their protection status. The House argued that the issue was divided amongst urban and rural communities. As a result, Rep. Jim Nash (R) added an amendment that would bring wolves to the Twin City Metro. He quickly withdrew the amendment though, calling it “lighthearted”.

Governor Tim Walz had intended to sign the bill had it reached his desk. Both sides of the aisle made compromises on the natural resources policy that ended up leaving the wolf ban out in the cold. From 2012 to 2014 wolf hunting was allowed until a federal judge disagreed with the states original management plan.

Wolves have been a topic of contention for some time now. People love and hate them. Facts are facts, and wolves have been recovered well past original population goals. In the end, by not allowing population control through hunting and trapping it will only hurt the wolf. As herds grow health and wellness start to diminish. Hard winters will kill off the weak, and drive the survivors towards populated areas looking for easy food. Every month there are stories of wolves killing livestock. How long until it becomes humans attacked by wolves? Management of wolves is needed, science has proven it time and time again. What do you think? Will Minnesota ever fully ban wolf hunting?

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