MAN DIES IN HUNTING ACCIDENT – We recently published an article about a man that was shot and killed while hunting in Colorado.  In an upcoming podcast, we also talk with the CPW about the accident.  Sadly, another man has been shot and killed while hunting.  The fatal incident occurred in Montana.

Man Shot in Montana

A man was shot and killed in Ravalli County, Montana several weeks ago.  According to the Ravalli County Sheriff, Steve Holton, the man’s name was Joseph Burgess.  Burgess was a 51-year-old man from Corvallis.  He was hunting with some friends when he was accidentally shot.  A friend in the hunting party drove Burgess to meet the sheriff officers; however, he was pronounced dead once sheriffs arrived.  According to the report by Sheriff Holton, a firearm had accidentally discharged in a vehicle.  The accidental firing of the gun fatally struck Burgess.

Hunter Safety

Hunter safety has drastically lowered the numbers hunting accidents.  However, they do continue to happen.  As stated above, we have a podcast coming out soon that talks about these tragedies.  During the conversation, we share some statistics.  It’s amazing how the numbers have dropped, but there is still more that can be done.  Following simple steps can drastically reduce the number of fatalities.

  • Know where the muzzle of your gun is pointed at all times
  • Ensure your gun is unloaded before entering a vehicle
  • Utilize the safety of a firearm, but don’t trust it
  • Ensure those that you hunt with take all proper precautions
  • Always consider your firearm loaded and ready to fire, even when it’s not

Although numbers are decreasing, stories like these bring hunters down to earth.  Accidents do happen, but everyone can do their part.  Hunter safety should be taken seriously at all times.  If you’re hunting with an inexperienced hunter, be sure you educate them on the proper precautions.

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