LOWER YOUTH HUNTING AGE IN WYOMING – Growing up, we all look forward to that day that we can be the one harvesting the animal.  We watch our grandpa’s, dads, moms and siblings harvest animals, and we eagerly await out turn.  Across the United States, the hunting age differs.  However, in some states they are looking to lower the age in which kids can start hunting.

Lower Age in Wyoming

As of July 1st, 2021, children can hunt in Wyoming at the age of 11.  However, they must turn 12 by the end of the calendar year.  This change will allow kids to get into hunting at a younger age and begin a lifelong passion for hunting.

The emergency update to the rule is effective at this point, and the Wyoming Fish and Game Commission will finalize the rule in November.  This new rule is a great opportunity for parents and grandparents to get their young kids in the outdoors.  Most people do not get to harvest a big game animal until they are 14 years old.  With this change, this will give Wyoming children the chance to accomplish that at a much younger age.

Other Changes

There are two other changes that took place in Wyoming under this same modification.  First, the conservation stamp increased to $21.50.  This is to help support conservation efforts in the state of Wyoming.  These efforts are beginning to require more funds, and the increase will give some financial support.

The other change is for residents 65 and older.  If a senior has been a resident for at least 30 years and is 65 or older, they will be able to purchase a trapping license for $20.

This is an exciting change that comes with some controversy.  Some consider 11 years old too young for a kid to hunt.  However, most outdoorsmen believe that if a child is properly trained and supervised, this could be a great opportunity for them.

What are your thoughts?  Is 11 too young to hunt?  Please comment below.

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