Opening day for Kansas Duck hunters was less than kind. The Low Plains Late Zone had heavier than normal rains in the months of July and August. Areas like Milford Wildlife Area and Tuttle Creek Wildlife Area are still flooded from all the summer rains.

Duck season opened this last weekend in the Low Plains Late Zone. The season will run from October 26th through December 29th; it re-opens between January 18th and 26th, 2020. (Side note: Make sure you are in the right areas for each season by checking the KWDPT maps).

The marshes may be flooded, but hunters can still get out there and try the fields. Yes, ducks love marshes. Whether they be dabblers, divers, or filter feeders, all ducks need to eat and marshes typically have what they want (See Ducks Unlimited article on Waterfowl Feeding Adaptations for more). But if the food is under 22 feet of water, the ducks aren’t going to be able to survive.

If you went out to a marsh and didn’t get your limit, then try some field hunting. A layout blind is recommended, but if you don’t have one Mack’s Prairie Wings does! You can pick up an affordable layout blind on Mack’s PW (See layout blinds for sale).

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism also just purchased about 600 acres of cover crop including grasses, radishes, rye and wheat. This was done to draw in more ducks to fields near marshes. If you don’t know where to go for these public fields, check out KWDPT’s “Where to Hunt” section for more information!

So don’t get discouraged this hunting season. There are other areas and ways to get ducks, you just have to put in the effort! And always remember to be safe out there. High waters and heavy waders are a notorious recipe for duck hunting accidents and casualties. Be safe out there and good luck!

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How did your layout blind work so far? Any brand recommendations and set up ideas? Let fellow hunters know in the comments below!

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