This news report will be a little different compared to our usual posts. In late February the Wyoming Game & Fish released several hunting news snippets and we decided that we would bring them to you all in one article.

Laramie Bighorn Study Continues

WGFD officials captured and collared more than 24 bighorn sheep from the Laramie Peak and Douglas Creek herds. Collared bighorn ewes from the Laramie Peak herd are part of an ongoing disease surveillance study. The study hopes to identify respiratory diseases before they can spread into the heart of the herd. In contrast data from the Douglas Creek herd is going to be used to help biologists decide habitat areas for future improvement projects. Biologists are also hoping that the Douglas Creek herd data can be used to figure out why the herd has growth has stagnated.

Bear Bait Site Registration Opens in March

To go along with other Wyoming hunting news, the WGFD announced that bear bait registration opened on March 1st. The renewal process can be done online, in person, or by phone, mail, or fax. However, the registering of new bait sites must be done online. Hunters must buy a 2022 black bear license before renewing or registering a bait site. The renewal and registration process runs from March 1st to March 20th. You can read more about this process by clicking here

Hunting Season Public Comment Period

The last snippet we will cover in this Wyoming hunting news article is the opening of several public comment periods. All these meetings being held will be used to help decide hunting season issues for the Laramie region. Likewise, all of the meetings will begin at 6 p.m. Below we will list the dates and locations of the meetings. 

  • Laramie: March 29, Game and Fish Office, 1212 S. Adams St.
  • Cheyenne: March 28, Game and Fish Headquarters, 5400 Bishop Blvd.
  • Wheatland: March 24, Platte County Public Library, 904 9th St.
  • Torrington: March 23, Platte Valley Bank Conference Center, 2201 Main St.
  • Saratoga: March 22, Platte Valley Community Center, 210 W Elm St.

Hunters that are interested in attending the meetings can review the proposed changes and regulations by clicking here

You can also read more Wyoming-related hunting news by clicking here.

We hope you enjoyed this little different format of Wyoming hunting news. let us know what you think about all three stories in the comments!

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