In today’s world there is very little that you cant get online. You can get your college degree or high school diploma online. Got a friend getting married? A quick online course and a payment and you now ordained to marry your friends. Companies like Amazon provide almost all of your shopping online and shipped to you for free, even groceries in some places. We all use apps and the internet to scout, gather info, plan trips and brag about our duck limits and elk kills. The world is quickly moving to an almost all online reality. Wildlife agencies are also on the internet train. From applying to hunts online, to even checking your animals in. Some states your phone can be used to show your license and tags.

Now Kentucky wants to move Hunters Education online to make life easier on hunters. With the proposed change, the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission is hoping to accomplish a few things. First would be making those exempt from buying a license, born after January 1, 2002, take the online course. The exempted group is landowners and their families. Next on the wish list, hoping the online course encourages more people to take the course instead of having to find a physical class. The commission believes the classes will help them set the elk quotas for the 2020-21 season.

Personally, I’m all for a streamlined online process in anything I do. The less time I spend in a department store is more time for me to spend with my kids, hunting, fishing, shooting my bow, or perusing the internet looking for news to bring you. Although, I’m not a fan of just handing out certifications for hunting prowess to just anyone who can google answers. I think first time hunters and young kids should still have to go and physically show they know how to handle a firearm or bow. What are your thoughts on online hunters ed courses?


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