IDAHO TO REDUCE HUNTING OPPORTUNITIES – Idaho is proposing to limit the number of tags sold for coveted hunting zones. Two regulations have been proposed to the Legislature. One would require a five day wait period to buy a general hunt tag in zones with limited draw tag numbers. The other would limit the total number of non-resident hunt tags to at least 10% of the total number of tags available.

You can read the proposed legislation here. You’ll want to see pages 178 through 181 of this Idaho Administrative Bulletin.

Why Limit Tag Numbers?

It’s really no surprise that the Idaho Fish and Game wants to limit the number of tags available to non-residents.  The conditions in Idaho are getting better daily! covers Idaho hunting news frequently. Recently, there were more elk tags added and Idaho Fish and Game acquired more public land for their Access Yes! program. With more hunting opportunities added recently, it’s no wonder people from other states want to give it a try.

Some are concerned at the obvious loss in revenue from hunting tourism. In 2018 alone, hunting tourism brought in $295 million in sales, $85 million in salaries, $15 million in taxes, and created 2,559 jobs all in Idaho alone. But more tourists mean less opportunities for your resident hunters/tax base. To keep the people who live in Idaho happy limits on tags for non-residents makes sense.

The Time is Now

Idaho residents are going to appreciate the tag limits for non-residents. After all, wouldn’t you want to see less people in your area? If the regulations are passed by the Legislature, they could go into effect as early as 2021. This year, 2020, will be the last great year of hunting tourism in Idaho so get there while you can!

As a non-resident myself, I will still be applying for the chance to hunt Idaho this next fall. Although the odds of drawing a tag may have gone down, it still seems like a state filled with hunting opportunities.

Are you a  resident of Idaho? How do you feel about the proposed changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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