IDAHO TEMPORARILY SUSPENDING LICENSE SALES – The Coronavirus is scaring a lot of people currently.  There are fears that some hunts may not happen this year.  In fact, we recently posted on social media stating that Alaska has cancelled some hunts.  Many hunters in several states are concerned that they will also see hunts cancelled in their states.

License Suspensions in Idaho

On April 4th, the Idaho Fish and Game issued a temporary suspension on nonresident license sells.  The reason behind this decision was solely due to a fear of the Coronavirus.  Once the rule was adopted, the IDFG released the following statement:

“The suspension was supportive of Gov. Brad Little’s stay-at-home order that went into effect on March 25.  The suspension is effective immediately, and will remain in place until the sales can be made in a manner consistent with Idaho public health orders.”

Amendment to the Suspension

On April 9th, the IDFG issued an amendment to the previously stated suspension on non-resident license sales.  The amendment consisted of 3 clarification orders.

    1. Any nonresidents that bought a bear permit prior to April 4th may also purchase a bear baiting permit.
    2. Nonresidents that have an official agreement with an official outfitter prior to April 4th may purchase a permit.  The permit must be specifically for the outfitted trip.  Also, the agreement does not have to be in writing.
    3. The IDFG will allow anyone who moved to Idaho to establish residency less than 6 months ago to purchase a license.  Also, anyone who hasn’t received their Idaho driver’s license in the required 90 days, may also purchase a license.

To qualify for the third option, there are certain conditions that must be met.  To read more about those conditions, visit the IDGF website.

There are many nonresidents that are not happy with the decision made by the IDFG.  Idaho is an amazing state to hunt, and it provides many wonderful opportunities.  As hunters, we can only hope that this suspension is lifted in the future, and nonresident can continue happening in Idaho.

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