Idaho Game and Fish drew sixteen lucky winners in their first of two annual Super Hunt raffles. The deadline for the recent raffle was May 31st. Over 150,000 hunters applied for the twenty-six tags that were awarded. The breakdown of participants by species is as follows. Idaho’s Super Hunt is similar to several other raffle-type drawings that happen in other states. Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, etc. all have some form of drawing for the most coveted permits in each state. These hunts are definitely a dream hunt! However, they may be called something different in each state. In Utah, this drawing is called the Sportsman permit. Likewise, Nevada calls it the Silver State drawing.

  • 54,0044 entries for eight deer tags
  • Additionally, the state had 51,042 entries for eight elk tags
  • 22,464 entries for eight pronghorn tags
  • 10,063 entries for one moose tag
  • 12,913 entries for one Super Hunt Combo tag

Idaho Game and Fish doesn’t announce the winners, only the state the winner is from, and Idaho was the winning state receiving sixteen of the twenty-six tags. The rest of the winners were more or less in the states surrounding Idaho. Likewise, back in May, we covered the Idaho Super Hunt. You can read our coverage of the application process by clicking here.

If you didn’t win or missed this raffle there is another one that is open now through August 10th. You can click here to obtain more information and good luck in the raffle. Thanks for reading!

So, what are your thoughts on these raffle-type drawings? have you ever drawn one of these special hunts? Let us know in the comments!

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