IDAHO REDUCING TAGS IN CERTAIN AREAS – Many conservation groups are working to open new areas for hunting.  However, in Idaho, the Idaho Fish and Game are looking to close hunts in specific areas.

Palisades Zone

The Palisades Zone of Idaho has seen a significant reduction in herd sizes.  The reasons behind the low numbers is rough winters and development growth.  To improve the herd sizes in this area, the Idaho Fish and Game is looking to reduce archery and rifle tags for female elk and deer.

The Upper Snake River Regional Wildlife Manager Curtis Hendricks said,  “the proposals in hunting zones 64, 65 and 67 for female elk and deer have been drafted to quickly increase the herd populations.”

“It is not normally one giant impact over there,” Hendricks said of the Palisades area. “It’s not one development that hurts, but over time with more development, that can have a bigger impact on wildlife. It’s like death by a thousand cuts and it’s a never-ending challenge in the Teton Valley and Swan Valley areas.”

Quota Objective

Over the past several years, hunters have complained about the number of deer and elk in the area.  A complaint that many wildlife offices are used to hearing from hunters.  In this area, the complaints were justified.  As the Idaho Fish and Game completed their studies, it was evident that the numbers were decreasing.

The quota objective for elk in this area is between 400 and 600 female elk.  By reducing the number of tags, the Fish and Game is hoping to reduce the harvested female elk by 70.  This would not only maintain the number of cow elk, but it would also increase the number of calves each year.

Hendricks said, “in theory that herd could see healthier numbers in two years time.”

What are your thoughts on reducing the tags in these areas to improve herd sizes?

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