IDAHO MAN FALSELY CLAIMS ALASKAN RESIDENCY – Applying for non-resident license can be daunting.  The cost of some of the non-resident licenses are extremely expensive.  The price alone can be a limiting factor on which states a hunter applies for.  For this reason, some people try to work the system.

Man Cited in Idaho

Richard Bigelow, 68 of Pocatello, was recently cited for purchasing resident Alaskan licenses without establishing residency.  Bigelow had been obtaining licenses from 2015 to 2019, claiming he was an Alaskan resident.

An investigation that began in March by Alaskan trooper finally came to an end this month.  The investigation found that Bigelow had not only applied for licenses, but he had also obtained several.  During the timeframe listed above, Begelow harvested three black bear on Prince of Wales Island.

The Prince of Wales District Court arraigned Bigelow on October 5th.  He was arraigned on 8 misdemeanor accounts.  Those accounts included five false statements on applications counts and three counts of big game violations.

Non-Resident Hunting

Hunting in other states, especially Alaska, can be a lot of fun.  Although it’s expensive, there are ways to help reduce the cost and allow opportunities.  There are many outfitters that help with DIY and drop camp hunts across the United States.  There are also resources like Epic Outdoors that can help you get the most bang for your buck.  Out-of-state hunts cost a lot as it is, so you might as well only apply and purchase licenses that will be most advantageous for you as a hunter.

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Do you hunt in other states?  What states are your favorite to hunt?

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