The Idaho Fish and Game Department (IFGD) has decided to allow hunting and fishing seasons to go on without further restriction due to the Coronavirus.  Many hunters and anglers will see this decision as obvious.  Social distancing is usually a well-intended practice among the hunting and fishing community.  In fact, getting as far away from other people is one of many factors that increase success in the field.

One of main concerns are areas such as boat docks, boat put-ins, and parking lots.  These are places where crowding may occur, and the IFGD seeks to ensure everyone maintain the 6-foot social distancing guideline.  A potential consequence, if the guidelines are not followed, is a closure of such access points.

Another concern is that of travel.  Many people come from out of state to enjoy the public lands that Idaho has to offer, especially during the fall.  Officials want to make sure that hunters practice social distancing when choosing campsites and accessing trailheads.  In addition, IDGF urges hunters to try to bring as much food and supplies that they already have.  As the Coronavirus pandemic has strained grocery stores, there is concern that the over-reliance on grocery stores by out-of-state groups will be overly burdensome.

These recommendations do not change anything, as they only serve as a reminder.  For access points and trailheads to remain in full-swing, everyone needs to play their part in regards to social distancing.  When it comes to hunting and fishing, it should be no problem.  Yes, you may have to wait a bit longer in line to get your boat in the water, and you need to be extra mindful about campsites, but working together we can get back to normal sooner rather than later.

Has outdoor recreation been impacted by the Coronavirus in your state?

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