2,200 hundred people surveyed by Maryland DNR indicated strong support for hunting. The cross section of the public included hunters and landowners and the results will help in upcoming deer management plans. Over 70 percent of hunters surveyed showed approval for deer hunting. An interesting tidbit in the findings among non hunters, only 16 percent who responded said they ran into hunters in the wild and only 2 percent found it to be a negative interaction.

“White-tailed deer are one of Maryland’s most prominent wildlife species and can be one of the most controversial species to manage,” said Wildlife and Heritage Service Director Paul Peditto. Having this current information from the survey helps to know how the public perceives what is going on with management efforts and how the Department should continue in the future.

Has anyone had any interaction with land and game management efforts in your home states? If so, is it working or is there still more that can be done?

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