HUNT MASTERS TV HOST CHARGED FOR BAITING AND WASTING – Hunt Masters TV is a hunting show on the Outdoor Channel that airs several times a week.  In the show, host Gregg Ritz travels the country hunting many species of animals.  Like many other hunting show hosts, Ritz does whatever it takes to harvest that perfect animal.  However, this time he may have gone too far.

The Charges

There are many TV hunters who have been caught in the past trespassing, illegally harvesting, or committing some other type of offense.  Gregg Ritz is now added to that list of well-known hunters to be charged with an offense.

On January 2nd, 2020, in Boone County MO, Ritz was charged with killing a deer over bait and wanton wasting.  The case numbers for these incidents are 460150 and 460149 respectively.  An investigation was completed, and some of the results were posted on Instagram.

Hunt Masters Host Charged
Photo Credit: KChunter (Instagram)

Greg Ritz History

Greg Ritz has a history of charges against him.  He owns a company called Game Trails.  In 2009, his company was charged, and pled guilty to, Lacy Act violations.  Ritz also pled guilty to false statements to wildlife officials in Kentucky.

At this moment, Ritz has not had his hearing.  His court date is set for April 29th, 2020.

Many professional hunters or “celebrity hunters” are under a lot of pressure to perform.  They have sponsor deals and endorsements that put high expectations on these men and women.  With such high requirements and expectations, these men and women are often forced into illegal activity.  However, there are hunters and outdoorsmen out there that produce at a high level, and they do it legally and ethically.

What do you think about the charges on Gregg Ritz?  Do you agree with them, or do you feel these charges will be dropped in court?

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