My wife and I had been archery elk hunting the week prior and just ran out of daylight while chasing a bull in a Colorado OTC unit. We had to head back to town and decided to leave our camping gear in place so it would be ready for our return two days later.

We returned only to find our entire camp had been stolen. Cots, tent, cooking equipment, everything! Some things I’ve used since I was a kid were stolen. It put us in such a bad mood that we decided to give up on the hunt for that day and we drove three hours over to Rocky Mountain National Park and slept in our truck.

We woke up to elk all around us and took many pictures. As the sun came up the bulls moved off. Higher we went until we were at 12,000 feet along Trail Ridge Road. We saw the helicopter dumping water and some smoke rising when Alli spotted the 6 point bull watching the show. We parked and headed down with the camera and video equipment and recorded the once in a lifetime scene.

What started out as an awful experience turned into a truly unique story we’ll never forget.

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