The crew will be gone hunting for late-season mule deer from Nov. 13th – Nov. 20th. As a result you may see a decline in content on the website. However, while we are gone hunting be sure to check some of our other articles on the website.

Gone Hunting Suggested Reading

We appreciate you all taking the time to read and hope you enjoy what you read, watch, and listen to here at Ehuntr.

We are a small group of hunters that love the outdoors and have a genuine passion for hunting. As a result, it can be difficult to balance writing and creating content and doing the things we love (hunting.) However, we do try our best and appreciate you all.

With that being said good luck to everyone, we are gone hunting! – The Ehuntr Team

We are gone hunting and should be back to producing normal content again around Nov. 21st. Thanks for reading!

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