In 2020, the AZGFD hauled 2.4 million gallons to catchment tanks throughout the state. We covered this information in an article you can find here. However, the AZGFD has set an even bigger goal for 2021. The Dept. wants to haul 3 million gallons of water this year.

Of course, this type of goal comes with its own challenges. The main issue, like many things, is money. Truck maintenance, renting helicopters, repairing water sources and tanks, and fuel for equipment all cost money. As a result, the AZGFD has created the “Send Water” donation program. This program takes donation money and uses it directly for the hauling of water for wildlife.

“We usually get a break from hauling water in August after monsoon rains refill much of our water catchments. However, due to this extreme drought, we haven’t stopped hauling water from 2020. We anticipate having to haul more water this year than we ever have before.” – Joseph Currie, AZGFDhabitat planning program manager

With the extreme drought gripping the west, AZGFD says they have not stopped hauling water since the spring of 2020. The water will be delivered to over 2,000 water catchments in the state.

“Water catchments don’t discriminate; they’re used by all wildlife from big game to some of the smallest squirrels, lizards, birds, bats, and even bees. Historic drought periods, such as this one, were typically followed by massive die-offs of wildlife. By hauling water, we are able to stabilize those populations, keeping them alive and out of urban areas in search of water.” – Joseph Currie, AZGFDhabitat planning program manager

If you are interested in donating to the “Send Water” program you simply text “SENDWATER” to 41444 from your cellphone. Likewise, you can find more information on the program by clicking here.

So, what are your thoughts on AZGFD having to haul water to wildlife? Do you plan on donating to their efforts? Let us know in the comments!

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