House Bill 317 was signed by Governor Abbott allowing people to hunt feral hogs without a license. Hogs are extremely damaging to crops and agriculture in the state. It is estimated that they cause $52 million worth of damage per year to agricultural enterprises. There is no shortage on hogs as the state is estimated to hold around 2 million.

Hunting hogs is something that I do annually. It is something that can be done during the off-seasons to stay in “hunting” shape. We take new hunters down with us and introduce them to the sport of hunting. It’s a good way to teach them the fundamentals about hunting and conservation. It’s also helps the state of Texas and ranchers by eliminating some of their hog numbers. Not only are they fun to hunt but they taste delicious and there are many local food shelters that are in dire need of meat.

So get down to Texas and do your part. It should definitely be on your list of hunts.

Anyone hunted hogs in Texas?

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