The Idaho Fish & Game has dispatched five elk that entered a domestic elk herd in the Garden Valley area. The five elk entered the domestic herd through a gate that was briefly left open in March.

At that point, the owner of the domestic herd notified the Fish & Game that the five elk had joined the herd. During the next month, the elk were held in captivity while officials investigated and determined the best course of action.

The Department was worried about the chance of passing diseases to the wild elk. As a result of this concern, the IDFGD decided it would be best to dispatch the elk rather than release them.

Because the elk were on a private elk farm the possibility of allowing hunters to take the elk was not available. However, the fear of spreading CWD and other diseases meant the elk must be put down. At that point, the IDFGD had officials dispatch the 5 elk. Each of the five elk was removed from the farm. Once off of the farm property, samples were taken from each elk. These samples will be sent to a state testing facility, this facility will test the elk for CWD and other diseases. If none of the samples come back positive for diseases then the meat will be donated to the local food bank.

CWD in Idaho

CWD has shown up recently in Idaho. Last year we covered the first positive test ever in Idaho. Likewise, several changes are being made to hunting in Unit 14 and testing is being implemented in several units across the state. You can read more about the first positive tests by clicking here. You can also read more about the changes to Unit 14 by clicking here. Lastly, you can read more about these elk by clicking here.

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