The Idaho Fish & Game Commission has voted to approve hunt changes for the 2022 season. These changes are focused on elk and deer hunting. These changes are in direct response to the discovery of CWD in Idaho.

The Commission started its changes by mandating CWD testing for deer, elk, and moose in these animals were taken in Units 14 or 15. Below we will list the approved changes and some information about each change:

  • The Commission created a new antlerless mule deer hunt in Unit 14.

This new controlled hunt will have 180 “extra” antlerless mule deer permits. This hunt will run from Oct. 10th to Nov. 20th. These “extra” tags allow hunters to harvest another deer in addition to their regular or controlled hunt tag.

  • A new whitetail tag was added to Unit 14.

The Commission has added 250 buck and 250 antlerless whitetail tags. Like the above-listed hunt, this hunt will run from Oct. 10th to Nov. 20th. These extra tags will allow hunters to take another deer in addition to their regular or controlled hunt tag.

  • Increase elk permits in response to CWD.

Much like the above-listed deer permits, the Commission is increasing elk permits in Unit 14. Hunt #2165 will now have 80 elk permits instead of the 50 issued in years prior. This hunt is a landowner permission hunt within unit 14. Likewise, the Commission has extended this hunt’s southern boundary by about 3 miles.

  • Increase buck mule deer tags in Unit 14.

Mule deer buck controlled hunt tags will be increased to380 tags. This hunt will also have the dates of Oct. 10th to Nov. 20th.

  • Adding New Landowner Appreciation Program tags

Landowner tags will be offered in addition to the controlled hunt tags and based on the percentage of the tags available in controlled hunts drawings.

  • Decreasing whitetail permits in the EHD epidemic area.

In the summer of 2021, EHD spread heavily in northern Idaho. As a result, the Commission has decided to reduce whitetail permits by 1,500 total permits. Below we will list the units that are a part of this reduction:






As stated above the large majority of these changes were brought on due to the discovery of CWD in Idaho last year. You can check out our coverage of that story by clicking here. Likewise, you can read more about the Commission’s decisions by clicking here.

So, what are your thoughts about these new hunts? Is this going to change your hunts this fall? Let us know in the comments!

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