EQUIPMENT LIST FOR HUNTING OUT-OF-STATE – The Ehuntr crew recently traveled to Colorado for some late season mule deer hunts.  The hunts were very successful, and we had a great time.  Many people have sent us messages asking what our gear lists look like to hunt in a different state.  In this article, we’re going to share some of the important items you won’t want to forget when traveling to another state to hunt.


When you’re packing for a 7-10 day hunt in another state, there is a lot of gear that you’ll need during that hunt.  We’ll touch on the major items that you definitely don’t want to forget.

1. Optics

Optics are some of the first things I put in my totes.  On that note, I highly recommend using those durable black and yellow totes for transporting your gear.  Here is a list of optics and optic gear that I ensure gets packed:

2. Weapon and Accessories

Obviously you will need your weapon of choice when hunting.  I will list equipment related to rifle hunting, but obviously archery or muzzleloading will have similar lists.  They will just have different “ammunition”.

3. Backpack Gear

Find yourself a backpack that you think is absolutely comfortable to wear, then fill it up.  I try to keep my pack as light as possible, but there are a bunch of things that I find absolutely necessary in a backpack.


Obviously clothing is something you will want plenty of on your trip.  I’m not going to list the obvious things you need to take.  If you forget a shirt, well then you can hunt like Rambo.  I am going to list a few of the items that I ensure I don’t miss.  These are items that you may not have and may not think about when you’re hunting far from home.  If you’re a long ways from home, and not near a Bass Pro Shops, you’ll want to make sure these are in your totes.

Although it is perfectly fine to hunt in jeans and a flannel shirt, I do want to say a few things about the new camo brands gear that has come out in the past few years.  When you’re hiking and moving all day, you want gear that will be athletic, durable and comfortable.  Most of the major camo brands produce high end clothes that will help you be more comfortable while being on the mountain or in the woods.  Find a brand that you like, and give their gear a shot.  You won’t be disappointed.


There are a few other items that don’t fit in the categories above.  These items are just as essential, so make sure you pack them on your out-of-state hunt.


This is not a be all end all list of items that you should take on your trip.  Obviously there are other items you think are important.  There are also items on this list that you may not think you’ll need on your specific hunt.  These are the items that we feel are priorities as we pack for a hunt that will be a long ways from home.

What items would you add to this list?  What are the items on your gear list that you can not do without?

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