Idaho still has elk tags available for purchase. These elk tags were originally non-resident tags that went unpurchased. After Aug. 1st, non-resident elk tags become available for residents to purchase as a second tag. However, residents will need to purchase these tags at non-resident pricing. Available tags and zones are listed online at, you can check them out by clicking here. Likewise, tags can be purchased at all license vendors.

These elk tags are only available to residents because the nonresident limits for each individual elk zone have already been met. However, the total nonresident tags in all combined elk zones were less than the statewide limit for nonresident tags. The limit for non-resident elk tags sits at 12,815 tags this year.

Elk hunting in Idaho has become popular for many non-resident hunters. As a result, the IDFG set individual elk zone limits on how many non-residents could hunt a single area. Likewise, they capped the non-resident hunters to a statewide limit as well. IDFG also did something similar with non-resident deer permits.

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