An elk reduction hunt will start in Grand Teton National Park on Nov. 6th. This special elk reduction hunt was first authorized via legislation in 1950. As a result, the Grand Teton NP and WGFD jointly manage the elk reduction program within the park. This program looks to properly manage the historic Jackson Elk Herd.

The only area open to the elk reduction program is Elk Hunt GMU 75. The Antelope Flats portion of this area closes on Nov. 22, and the remaining portions close on Dec. 12. The Snake River Bottom between Deadmans Bar and Ditch Creek is closed. Likewise, Elk Hunt GMU 79, is closed to limit harvest pressure on northern migratory and resident elk.

Hunting the Grand Tetons

In total 400 permits were given for the 2021 season. These permit numbers are decided by yearly counts. Once the counts are gathered earlier in the year, the WGFD decides on permit numbers for the elk reduction hunt. Likewise, hunters must follow several rules. Some of these rules include, hunters must carry their state license for Elk Hunt Area 75, conservation stamp. Hunter must also carry an elk special management permit and 2021 elk reduction program park permit, use non-lead ammunition, and are limited in the number of cartridges they are able to carry each day.

Hunters must also only harvest cows or calves. No bull permits were given for this hunt. Hunters can not use any elk calls and must also carry a 7.9 oz. (or greater) can of non-expired bear spray. Hunters will also need to have every harvest elk checked for CWD. This is due to mule deer within the park testing positive for the disease in 2018.

WGFD would like to remind hunters that their officers will be out patrolling, looking for hunters that need help, and ensuring that hunters are within compliance.

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