DEER FARMS TO BE MANAGED BY DNR – Throughout the country, deer farms are managed in a variety of different ways.  Some farms are managed strictly by the landowners themselves.  Other states have much more oversight by local and state governments.  In Minnesota, Governor Walz is asking for a transfer of power to the Division of Natural Resources.

Deer Farms

We’ve all seen the pictures of the deer farms throughout the country.  Some have smaller deer that are used to transplant to other areas of the state.  Other farms grow ridiculously huge deer for sport hunting.  A sport that brings in a lot of revenue to the land owner.  Change in Power for Minnesota

In a recent letter to the legislative departments of Minnesota, Governor Walz has asked for a transition in power to manage the deer farms throughout the state.

“Unfortunately, current circumstances require a change in course, as demonstrated by the recent discovery of a CWD-positive deer farm in Beltrami County, which includes a carcass disposal site on adjacent county-managed land,” Walz wrote. “It’s clear that we need a new strategy to address the problem of CWD in farmed white-tailed deer.”

Walz said the leaders of the executive and legislative branches of state government need “to unite at this pivotal moment to protect Minnesota’s wild white-tailed deer and our deer hunting traditions.”

As the letter was received by different representatives, many agreed with his recommendations.

“I am very much supportive of transferring oversight,” said Carrie Ruud, R-Breezy Point, chair of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance Committee. “I am hopeful that everybody can come to agreement on it.”


There are several benefits to moving power to the DNR.  Limiting and mitigate the spread of CWD would be a wonderful benefit.

“I am glad that he made a gesture and I hope that the majorities listen and say, ‘we have to get off the bubble here. It just has to happen. … I think it is big news that the governor is taking a position.”  – Dave Carlson, president of the Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Alliance


“It is really important that something gets done,” Carlson said.  We have to do something. I have gotten 40 emails in the past week saying deer farms have got to go.”


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