Select bowhunters in New York are being utilized to cull 50 deer on Binghamton University Nature Preserve. There is an estimated 260 whitetail deer on the property and science says there should only be 15-20 individuals. The deer are posing risks to the ecosystem of the school’s Nature Preserve and the surrounding area. The hunters selected for the culling had to apply with the police chief and be interviewed prior to receiving their tags.

Most of the venison harvested will be donated to local food pantries benefiting those in need. The plan notes that the controlled hunt will be repeated each season to help control the population of deer on the preserve. The population and effects of the cull will be closely monitored and changed if necessary.

Any takers on a bow hunt where your odds of harvesting an animal are pretty high? All while helping the population and helping fill the food pantries. Sounds like a pretty good gig.

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