The Wyoming Game & Fish Department (WGFD) has confirmed the presence of CWD in Elk Hunt Area 33. The confirmation came from a sample being tested. The sample came from a hunter-harvested bull elk in the Sheridan Area.

Unit 33, as stated above, is in the Sheridan area. The Unit has stayed CWD despite it bordering four areas that have had CWD in elk. To the north of the Unit, CWD was detected in Hunt Areas 34 and 129 in 2015 and 2021, respectively. Likewise, In 2017, CWD was found in Unit 48. Lastly, Unit 49, to the west confirmed CWD in elk during the 2022 season. Overall this means that the Sheridan Area now has 5 Elk Units that have a CWD presence.

CWD In Wyoming

The Wyoming Game & Fish wants to remind hunters how important it is to continue testing for and monitoring CWD. Continued testing will allow wildlife managers to track the movement and spread of CWD in the Sheridan Area and elsewhere.

WGFD would also like to let the public know you can view the CWD endemic map by clicking here. This map is an updated look at how CWD is affecting Wyoming wildlife.

CWD is a 100% fatal disease. In short, no animal that gets it survives it. In 2021, the state was able to have 6,947 CWD lymph node samples from deer and elk. The large majority of these samples were collected by hunters. Likewise, the WGFD is hoping for a similar or greater sample count this year as well.

CWD continues to be a problem all over the country. You can read more about the disease by clicking here. We hope you all have a Happy Holiday season. If you’re still looking for that last-minute gift for the hunters in your life? We have an article covering some great gift ideas, click here to check it out!

So, what are your thoughts on more CWD being found in the Sheridan Area? Have you ever taken an animal that tested positive for CWD? Let us know in the comments!

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