The CPW is sending out CWD testing packets to hunters around the state. These packets started being sent out in early Oct. The packets will contain test kits and information on how to take a sample of the animal’s lymph nodes.

It is the CPW’s hope that these mandatory testing kits will help them better track CWD in Colorado. The CPW has listed the GMU’s where mandatory testing must take place. For deer those GMU’s are as follows: 1, 2, 6, 16, 17, 31, 32, 44, 52,
161, 171, 201, 411, 444, 521. Likewise, the CWP has also listed GMU’s for elk testing. The elk GMU’s list contains many GMU’s for more information on those units you can download the Colorado Big Game Brochure by clicking here.

CWD Testing Results in Colorado

Likewise, the packets will instruct hunters where to drop off their test samples. Due to the testing the last few years the CPW has found some interesting details. Those details will be listed below:

  • Over 7,500 samples were tested statewide (includes all species).
  • 32 deer herds were included in the mandatory testing in 2020.
  • CWD disease prevalence exceeds the 5% threshold in 22 deer herds.
  • Data collected from mandatory testing shows disease prevalence is 2-3 times higher in male deer than female deer.
  • 9 herds have disease prevalence between 5-10%, 6 herds have disease prevalence between 10-20%, and 7 herds have disease prevalence that exceeds 20%. When disease prevalence is 20%, it means 1 out of 5 adult males is infected.

Due to these test results, the CPW has introduced management plans that will attempt to lower the prevalence of CWD in male deer. As a result, they will look to curb CWD by lowering the age class of buck deer. Over many tests, older bucks have been found to have the highest prevalence of CWD.

You can read more about CWD in Colorado by going to the CPW website. This can be done by clicking here. You can also go to our Colorado hunting page to read more about hunting news related to Colorado. You can do this by clicking here.

So, what are your thoughts on these CWD testing packets? Have you gotten a packet from the CPW? Let us know in the comments!

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