The Colorado Parks and Wildlife is offering a free “Field Dressing 101” class. This detailed class will help introduce new hunters to the proper field dressing of animals. As a result, this class will use real animals to give the students thorough examples of how to field dress big game animals.

Instructors will demonstrate both gutless and gutting methods of field processing. Likewise, the instructors will show students how to quarter, debone, and select each cut of meat. The course will also cover transporting game meat as well as skinning with taxidermy in mind.

This class will be taking place at Horsethief Canyon State Wildlife Area. You can read more about this area by clicking here. This class will take place on Tue., Aug. 24 from 6 – 9 p.m. However, registration for the class is required. You can find registration information by clicking here. As of 8/13/21, there are currently 16 seats remaining for the class.

This program is meant to provide a wealth of knowledge for newer hunters. However, It will also cover a lot of concepts that even veteran hunters may find interesting.

This class is being offered through the Department’s Hunter Outreach Program. This program is meant to help new hunters through the first steps of becoming a valuable part of Colorado’s hunting community.

Likewise, If you’d like to read more about Colorado hunting news and issues you can check out our Colorado page by clicking here.

Helping new hunters will ensure that they continue to be hunters. Hunter recruitment is crucial going forward. It will allow or hunting heritage to continue.

So, what are your thoughts about this program? Do you plan on trying to get registered for this program? Let us know in the comments!

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