CPW is looking for information regarding a bighorn ram poaching incident. This desert bighorn ram was illegally killed off of Highway 141 between Grand Junction and Gateway.

On Monday, Oct. 31st, CPW officials received a call from a rock climber in the area. This rock climber stated that he had found a dead ram that looked to have been shot and left to rot. Once the CPW arrived on the scene they found a rifle bullet behind the ram’s shoulder. Likewise, they discovered that the bighorn was most likely shot the following evening.

The area does have a bighorn hunting season. However, it doesn’t start until Nov. 1st. that means that this ram was killed two days out of season. On top of that, the bighorn was left to waste. CPW officials found no tracks approaching the bighorn.

“The ram was shot and left there with nothing removed from it. There is a desert bighorn sheep hunting season in that unit, but it does not start until Nov. 1, and this ram was killed out of season and left to rot.” – CPW Wildlife Officer Kevin Duckett

A bighorn of this size is considered a trophy-class bighorn. Any bighorn that has horns that are bigger than a half curl is considered a trophy ram. The ram in question had ⅝ to ¾ of a curl.

Wanton waste and the destruction of wildlife are felonies in Colorado. That means the perpetrator could be facing a fine of at least $25,000, jail time, and lifetime suspension of hunting and fishing privileges.

To provide information anonymously, the public can contact Operation Game Thief by phone at 877-265-6648 or by email at game.thief@state.co.us.

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