CPW euthanizes bear, that repeatedly entered a Colorado Springs home; a homeowner cited for feeding big game.

A bear that repeatedly entered a home in Colorado Springs has been humanely euthanized by the CPW officers. This is required by state policy on dangerous bears. The bear, estimated at 225-250 pounds, entered the home three times over the course of a week. This prompted concerns for public safety.

The Broadmoor neighborhood is a wooded area known to be prime bear habitat. This neighborhood is in the southwest foothills of Colorado Springs. After entering the home, the bear was reluctant to leave the kitchen, prompting the homeowner to yell and bang pots and pans to force the animal to retreat.

CPW officers set up a bear trap and trail camera. Soon after that, they found that the bear was returning to the home each night around the same time. It returned on Friday and entered the trap. CPW officers responded and confirmed that the bear was the same one seen in trail camera photos.

Colorado and Bear Troubles

According to Tim Kroening, CPW’s Area Wildlife Manager for the Pikes Peak region, the bear had become habituated to people and associated them with a food source. The bear’s behavior had become dangerous, and it was humanely euthanized as mandated by state policy.

Kroening stated that it was troubling that the bear did not turn and run from the homeowners, as wild bears are naturally afraid of people and avoid them. When a bear learns that human homes are a source of food, it becomes dangerous to people. Releasing the bear was not an option as there was nowhere it could be taken where it would not encounter another home.

CPW officers also determined that one of the homeowners was feeding big game and was cited for attracting big game to their property. Feeding bears and other wildlife is illegal, as it habituates wildlife to people, leading to dangerous situations.

Kroening stressed the importance of staying “Bear Aware” by securing trash, bird feeders, and other attractants so that bears cannot get to them. It is also important to keep doors and windows closed and locked. Likewise, lock vehicles as bears are smart enough to figure out how to get into them if they smell something tasty.

In conclusion, A bear was euthanized. This was because it repeatedly entered a home in the Colorado Springs area. Incidents like this serve as a reminder of the importance of bear safety and the consequences of feeding wildlife. It is crucial for individuals to do their part and stay “Bear Aware” to prevent dangerous encounters with bears and other wildlife.

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