CPW BIG GAME HUNTING SURVEY – Hunters frequently receive big game hunting surveys following their hunt.  Some surveys are short and sweet.  Others can take some time to complete.  Wyoming incentivizes its hunters so that more people respond to the survey.  The Colorado Parks and Wildlife are hoping that hunters will not only complete the survey, but also answer a few more questions.

Big Game Survey

The big game surveys give hunters the opportunity to share their thoughts about the hunt.  The Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be issuing roughly 160,000 surveys to deer, elk, and antelope hunters in 2021.

The survey asks hunters several questions.  Some of the questions include information on where they hunted, whether they harvested or not, and their thoughts on the herd.  The CPW will then take the information and apply it to their management plans for the coming years.

New For 2021

As mentioned above, the CPW is asking hunters to answer a few more questions following their survey.  There will be five additional questions.

“The five optional questions at the end of this year’s survey will collect feedback from hunters on crowding, satisfaction, and preferences for future herd management,” said CPW Terrestrial Data Analyst Sherri Huwer. “Hunters, please answer those questions as well to help CPW manage our herds for future generations.”

Other Ways to Contribute

If you are one of the lucky hunters to receive a survey, the CPW strongly encourages you to complete it.  However, if you don’t receive a survey, you can still make your voice heard.  Colorado has a Big Game Hunting License Distribution Public Comment Form.  Any hunter can complete the form and let the department know their thoughts on the hunt.  However, this year, the due date to complete the form was today.

Do you complete surveys when you receive them?  Do you feel your feedback impacts decisions made by local wildlife departments?

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