The Campion Trail is a 3.1 mile there and back trail that is a lightly used trail that offers peace and tranquility in the mountains near Breckenridge, CO. On May 26th, 2022, a female runner, was trampled and slightly injured by a cow moose protecting her young calf near the trail. The runner was more than likely into her run and by the time she looked up the moose was upon her and charged. The runner received minor injuries and was able to get herself out on her own ability and drive herself home. She did the right thing by calling the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) office to report the incident.

As a precaution, the trail was closed and reopened on June 1st, 2022. Remember when you are in the wilderness always be on the lookout for wildlife. Most wildlife will protect their young without hesitation. If you see wildlife holding their ground and looking aggressive you should do the right thing and slowly leave the area to avoid conflict.

“The runner was focused on the trail and looking down at her feet. When she looked up, she saw the moose, which immediately charged her and eventually trampled her.” – CPW District Wildlife Officer Jacob Kay

This is a good reminder that wildlife has given birth to young this time of year. Most wildlife will attempt to defend their young when surprised. As a result, be aware of your surroundings while in the woods, and as stated above try your best to avoid conflict.

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