CONGRESS HELPING WITH WILDLIFE MIGRATION – As hunters, we are always concerned with wildlife migration.  These migrations take place in many states across the country.  And they pose a threat to humans and animals alike.

Wildlife Migration

Wildlife migration is a natural part of life for many animals.  Especially some of our favorite big game.  For those that live in Wyoming, Colorado and other western states, some migrations take place in our backyards.  It’s a beautiful sight to behold, and can be a photographer’s dream!

Wildlife must migrate to areas to live and feed during times of hot and cold weather.  During the winter, some animals will travel to warmer climates and lower altitudes.  Conversely, those same animals travel to higher altitudes and cooler temperatures during summer months.

Congress Impact

Currently congress is considering a very large transportation bill.  It is worth $250 million over 5 years.  With the possibility of this bill, there are many states eyeing that money for wildlife crossing projects.

Beth Pratt,  regional executive director of the National Wildlife Federation in California is one of many interested in those grants.  She is leading an effort to build a wildlife crossing over highway 101.  This crossing would cross 10 lanes of traffic!

“No matter what site you’re using, the animals have to feel comfortable going over it,” Pratt said. “They have to feel comfortable approaching it and they have to feel comfortable, obviously, when they get off it that you’re leading them into ground that feels safe.”

Wildlife crossing on I-90 near Snoqualmie Pass
Photo Credit: WSDOT/Flickr

Safer Highways

Building wildlife crossings promotes safer highways.  Both for humans and animals alike.  There has been wonderful support for projects like these from the public.  In fact, Mitch Friedman of the Conservation Northwest Organization stated the following regarding public approval.

“The public generally supports these things and I’ve yet to see a backlash against taxpayer investment in providing wildlife crossings to make our highways safer,” he said.

Do you agree with congress approving the use of taxpayer funds for projects like these?

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