Colorado Parks & Wildlife officials have started a mandatory CWD testing program this year. Officials started sending out letters to inform hunters of the program in late September. One hundred GMU’s in all will have mandatory CWD testing status (see Big Game Brochure page 22). Mandatory and voluntary sampling is critical for data collection to track CWD.

CWD is a prion disease that affects deer, elk, and moose. The disease can stay active in hosts for two-three years. However, CWD is always fatal. There is no evidence that CWD can infect humans. However, the CDC recommends that hunters do not eat meat from animals that test positive for CWD.

CWD reinbursment program

Colorado Parks & Wildlife will reimburse costs incurred from processing CWD-positive animals. The standard reimbursement to hunters will be $100. However, animals that are commercially process will be eligible for a $200 reimbursement.

In order to be reimbursed for processing costs, you must have:

  • CWD Head Tag
  • Hunting license showing CID number
  • Proof of payment, proof of payment can include a credit card slip, a copy of both the front and back of a canceled check, a receipt showing cash payment, an itemized invoice (if the processor can provide one).

Colorado Parks & Wildlife would like to remind hunters that they will not offer a replacement license or refund license fees to hunters that harvest a CWD-positive animal. Hunters who have a deer test positive will get a letter mailed to them by Colorado Parks & Wildlife explaining what hunters need to know about CWD. This letter will include disposal recommendations, public health information, as well as online links to online sources for additional information. Colorado Parks & Wildlife will also contact hunters with a positive animal via phone and email.

As CWD continues to spread we may see more programs like mandatory CWD testing. Have you ever taken an animal with CWD? Have you received a letter or any information from Colorado Parks & Wildlife about CWD? Lets us know in the comments!


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