COLORADO PROVIDES REFUND FOR HUNTERS – Wildfires have spread all across the state of Colorado.  Due to the low moisture received this year, fires have become prevalent in the state.  These fires have affected many hunts, and Colorado is offering relief to hunters because of them.

Refunds Available

There are currently 8 fires in Colorado that are affecting hunts.  The units affected by these fires are in Game Management Units (GMU) 6, 7, 8, 9, 19, 20, 191, S1, S40, 20, 29, 18, 28, 140, 30, 31, 24 and 25. This is according the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Due to the impact on these units, the CPW is offering a refund for for hunters impacted by the fires.  Hunters currently have a choice if they’d like to return their license for a refund.  If they return the license, they will receive their money back and will also get the preference points back if they used them.

“Colorado has more than 23 million acres of public land and the fires are on a small portion of that land,” said JT Romatzke, Regional Manager for CPW in northwest Colorado. “We are trying to provide flexibility for hunters while also letting them know that the wildlife is still out there. If a hunter has a license that allows them to hunt in multiple units, those licenses are not currently eligible for this more lenient refund policy.”

Not All Licenses are Valid for Refunds

Due to the fact that many Colorado licenses cover multiple units, not all units are available for refunds.  If your license covers multiple units, the CPW encourages you to move to another unit within that license to hunt.  If you have questions on where to hunt or if it’s possible to continue hunting, reach out to your local CPW office for questions.

Wildfires have played a huge role in this year’s hunting season.  Whether it was in the early archery seasons, or the current rifle seasons, hunts have been impacted.  Have you been able to find success during a year of such uncertainty and change?

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