Colorado license fee increases have been approved and many feel the CPW just pulled a fast one. When the state made the change to not charge license fees upfront last year, many hunters decided to get in the point game. I mean for a mere $3 per species who wouldn’t. Then just like that… For the 2019 season, any hunter who wishes to participate in the draw must not only purchase an annual small game or combination hunting license but they must now also “buy” a preference point. The cost will be $50 each for Sheep, Goat, and Moose for residents and $100 for each of those three to a nonresident.

In addition, license application fees will rise to $7 for residents and $9 for nonresidents. The wildlife education fee will increase to $1.50 and for the good news, any nonresident wanting to pick up a bear tag will be able to do so for $100. For a full rundown of the 2019 fee increases, you can read more here.

Fee increases are inevitable for state agencies to remain sustained as they try to keep up with inflation. However, what are your thoughts on the manner in which the CPW implemented the most recent increase in the last two years?

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