The Arizona Game and Fish Department has announced new changes to the 2023 archery deer hunting regulations. These changes to archery hunting will focus on non-residents.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) has recently announced changes to the rules surrounding the sale of over-the-counter (OTC) non-permit tags for archery deer hunting in the state. These changes will have an impact on both resident and nonresident hunters and it is important for them to be aware of the new regulations before planning their hunting trips.

The changes include a limitation on the sale of archery deer non-permit-tags to 10% of the average total sales of archery deer non-permit-tags for the most recent five years. This means for the 2023 calendar year, only 2,890 archery deer non-permit tags will be available for purchase by non-residents. These tags will be sold exclusively online, starting on December 1st at 12 am. Nonresidents will no longer be able to purchase these tags through third-party license dealers. However, this restriction does not apply to nonresidents possessing an Arizona Pioneer, Lifetime Hunt, Lifetime Combination, or Lifetime Benefactor license, who will still be able to purchase the tags by visiting any department office statewide or by mail.

Season Dates and Further Info

For resident hunters, there are no restrictions on the total number of archery deer non-permit tags available. Resident hunters can purchase these tags at any third-party license dealer or at any department office statewide.

All hunters will need a valid 2023 archery deer non-permit-tag to hunt during all open seasons in the 2023 calendar year. These hunts include the following dates Jan. 1 – 31, Aug. 18 – Sept. 7, and Dec. 8 – 31. However, hunters should check online at for open areas as some units have already reached their harvest limit and are closed for the January 2023 season.

Harvest limits now apply to all archery deer hunts in Arizona, and they will reset each year in August. When the number of deer equaling the archery deer harvest limit for a unit and species has been reported. that unit will close at sundown on the immediate Wednesday. The unit will remain closed until August of the next calendar year. OTC archery deer hunters are required to report their harvest either online at or by telephone at (623) 236-7961 within 48 hours of taking their deer.

It is important for hunters to be aware of these changes and plan accordingly. The bag limit is still one deer per calendar year. The Arizona Game and Fish Department will continue to monitor the hunting population and make adjustments as necessary to ensure a sustainable and healthy ecosystem for all species.

The AZGFD encourages all hunters to familiarize themselves with the new rules. With these changes in place, hunting enthusiasts can look forward to a successful and enjoyable archery hunting experience in 2023. You can read more about these changes by clicking here. Likewise, you can read more Arizona hunting news by clicking here.

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