Earlier this month we at ehuntr covered that a mislabeled wolf may be showing denning activity. Today, June 9th, CPW officials have confirmed the existence of new wolf pups being born in Colorado. Over the last week, officials have been able to observe at least 3 pups outside of the den.

Earlier this month, it was reported that a wolf referred to as M1084 may actually be a female instead of a male. Wolf M1084/F1084 had been seen traveling together with another wolf. That other wolf (M2101) was captured and radio-collared. However, M1084/F1084 was not captured at this time because it was already collared in Wyoming in the past. When Colorado reached out for the information on the wolf it was thought to be a male. However, after the recent data showing that the wolf was showing denning habits they believed it may be a female. Now with the visual confirmation of pups, it does indeed seem there was a clerical error and the wolf is actually a female.

CPW viewed the pups from a safe distance over the course of a week and did their best to leave the area undisturbed. They are worried that too much human pressure in the area may cause the wolves to flee their denning site. As a result, CPW will not be releasing information regarding the area of the site.

CPW would also like to remind people that gray wolves are a state endangered species. If a person harms or kills a gray wolf in the state it could result in a fine of up to $100,000 and jail time. Likewise, perpetrators could lose their hunting privileges. CPW also states that knowingly harassing wildlife is also a crime and asking individuals to leave the wolves alone if you stumble into them.

What are your thoughts on these new wolf pups being born in Colorado? How fast do you think the wolf population will grow in Colorado? Let us know in the comments!

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