Photo Credit: Pixabay

As coyote management practices like contests and trapping are being attacked, the population is growing out of control in parts of the country. There have been many reports of coyotes attacking pets within city limits. Now, in New Jersey, there is a report of a 4-year-old and his mother being attacked.

The woman was walking around her local community park when someone told her the coyote was following her. When she turned around, the coyote pounced knocking her and her stroller to the ground. The animal bit her leg before turning to the child and also biting his leg. Bystanders jumped in and were able to scare the coyote away.

The police later found the coyote chasing a cat. It then turned and started to approach the officer who shot several times killing it. The Humane Society took the remains to be tested for rabies.

Is this another case of humans expanding too far into the wild, or is this a predator management problem?


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