BISHOP PAIUTE TRIBE AND CDFW EXTEND HUNTING SEASON – The Paiute Tribal Council in Bishop, CA has reached an agreement with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) to extend their deer hunting season. The purpose of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is to allow the Paiute people to continue their cultural traditions.

Continuing Paiute Traditions

The tribe can now take 16 deer per year for cultural education purposes alone. Four of the sixteen deer can be taken outside the normal California deer season. The twelve other takes will be during the regular season in zones D7, D8, X9a, X9c, X10, and X12. While the X zones are typically coveted tags, these are the regions surrounding the Paiute Tribe’s location in Bishop, California.

The State of California typically likes to control everything about their hunting seasons. So, for CDFW to give up some control and extend the hunting season for the Paiute tribe is a huge change in policy.

Why This is Important

The MOA is the State’s acknowledgement of the importance of maintaining tribal cultural values.

Paiute Chairman Allen Summers proudly stated:

“This is one of the biggest achievements the Tribe has ever accomplished. CDFW is one of the first state agencies to acknowledge the Tribe’s testimony of why this MOA is crucial for the health of our Tribal community.

It isn’t often Americans see Sovereign Immunity extended for Native American Tribal Governments, let alone an act actually giving Tribes more freedom to enjoy their cultural activities. Allowing the four (4) out of season hunts will go a long way to preserving Paiute heritage.

Visiting the Owens Valley Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center is highly recommended by EHUNTR writer, Matt Spolsky. The Owens River Valley has some of the best hunting and fishing areas in California. The area also provides water for Los Angeles. The Cultural Center is truly worth the visit to learn about life in the Owens Valley long before I-395 construction.

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