Bears in Wyoming are awake from hibernation, reminding outdoor enthusiasts and homeowners to practice bear safety. Even experienced individuals in bear country can have close encounters with bears, emphasizing the importance of being mindful.

Bear Wise Wyoming is a useful resource for rural homeowners, instructing them to store garbage, pet feed, and birdseed properly to avoid attracting bears to residential areas. Recreationalists should hike in groups, make noise, and carry EPA-approved bear spray in a readily accessible manner.

It’s crucial to secure attractants away from bears, as conflicts often arise when they’re drawn to human foods, livestock or pet foods, garbage, or birdseed. Early notification of conflicts to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department can help minimize them.

Recreationalists who venture into bear habitats must also be cautious. Hiking in a group and making noise while traveling can help alert bears to your presence while being able to recognize areas of heavy bear use can help you avoid them. Carrying EPA-approved bear spray in a readily accessible manner is an effective deterrent when confronted by a bear. Remember bears are now awake and on the move!

In the event of a conflict, it’s critical to notify the Wyoming Game and Fish Department as soon as possible. They strive to minimize conflicts between people and large carnivores, and early notification can help them take action to deter ongoing conflicts.

By brushing up on bear safety, we can coexist with these magnificent animals. Remember to secure attractants, carry bear spray, and notify the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in case of a conflict.

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