One Green Planet, a non-profit organization, is petitioning to ban children trophy hunting in Africa.”  While the term “trophy hunting” is not specified, their statement reports that it involves the unethical slaughter of innocent animals.  In addition, passing this tradition down to younger generations is “sickening, and heartless.”

Celebrity Support

The famous comedian, Ricky Gervais, gave his opinion on this matter.  He believes that there is a correlation between animal cruelty and violence toward other humans.  So, of course, he assumes that hunting is a form of animal cruelty.  He also states that such activity can cause loss of well-being and morals among children.

“Children can slaughter endangered elephants, lions, leopards and rhinos with rifles and crossbows. These are beautiful animals that are already in danger of extinction.”

While the hunting of animals which population is at risk is a poor conservation practice, there is no validation that the animals hunted are in fact, endangered.


The organization continues to argue that African safari hunting usually allows children to participate for free.  Thus, it turns the slaughter of wildlife into a “family friendly event.”  But, does it matter whether children can participate or hunt for free? Because the petitions’ purpose is to completely ban children from trophy hunting, regardless of money.

While their statement involves many overly broad assumptions, it is also overly vague.  With the term “trophy hunting” being unknown in this context, much is lost in terms of reason.  All that they convey, is that the act of trophy hunting should always be associated with acts of cruelty and disrespect.  It remains to be unknown exactly why that is the case.

The term “trophy hunting” comes with negative connotations.  Something by which anti-hunting groups use as a proxy to attack the validity of hunters efforts towards conservation.

What do you think about all this?


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