BAITING BEARS IN MAINE – Hunters across the United States use different methods to harvest black bears.  In some states, the use of dogs is legal.  However, in other states, it is illegal to use dogs.  Similarly, baiting for bears is legal in some states.  Maine is one of the states that allows baiting for black bears.

Baiting For Bears

The use of bait is a great way to attract black bears to a certain area.  Many hunters will bait approximately 30 days prior to the start of the hunting season.  This gets the bears in the habit of using the bait on a daily basis.  Once the attractant becomes a habit for the bears, they continue to hit the bait often.

Baiting conditions the bears for when hunters are sitting in their stand.  In fact, most bears become so habitual with hitting the bait that they don’t even notice a hunter up in a tree.  This gives hunters an advantage on an animal that is quite difficult to hunt without the use of bait.

Baiting in Maine

The black bear season in Maine begins August 30th and runs through September 25th.  Hunters were able to start laying bait this previous Saturday as they get prepared for the hunt to start.

The bear population in Maine has continued to grow, and the need to manage them with hunting has grown accordingly.  Across the state there are roughly 35,000 black bears.  According to wildlife biologists in the state, hunting over bait is one of the best ways to maintain their numbers.

What are your thoughts on baiting bears?  Have you had the opportunity to hunt and harvest a bear over bait?  Baiting gives hunters an advantage, but without baiting or dogs, it is difficult to harvest a black bear.  In states where baiting and dogs are prohibited, the popular form of pursuit is spot and stalk, but the success numbers decrease drastically.

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