AZGDF BIG GAME APPLICATIONS DUE TUESDAY FEBRUARY 9 – The Arizona Game and Fish Department is accepting applications for 2021 hunt permit-tags issued through the draw process for pronghorn and elk. The deadline to submit AZGFD big game applications is 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021.

Don’t forget, Arizona is moving forward to ban trail cameras.

AZGFD Big Game Resources

A few important resources provided by AZGFD are:

Info to Apply

All of the information needed to apply and more is located on those three AZGFD big game sites. Applicants must first purchase a valid license to apply and applications are accepted only online, by credit card. A portion of the application fees are designated for habitat, access, recruitment and retention programs.

“For an overview of the application service, including license requirements, applying for bonus points and payment information, see page 8 of the ‘2021 Pronghorn and Elk Hunt Draw Information’ booklet. Printed booklets soon will be available at all license dealers statewide.”

Applicants can apply for up to five choices on hunt applications. Group applications of up to four sportsmen per application are permitted. In the event of a group application, all of the applicants’ bonus points that have been accumulated are added together and then divided by the number of applicants.

AZGFD PointGuard

AZGFD encourages all applicants to purchase PointGuard. PointGuard allows hunters to surrender their hunt-permit tag for any reason without losing their bonus points. Applicants do not need an AZGFD portal account to apply for the draw or to purchase PointGuard.

Youth Hunters

All minors between the ages of 10 to 14 years old are required to have taken hunter education. Either an Arizona Hunter Education class or any other recognized class from another state qualifies. Youths between 14 and 17 years old are not required to take Hunter Education before they can hunt big game, but it is suggested.

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