According to a Science Norway report, more than forty ancient hunting blinds were found recently. The Hunting blinds were discovered on the remote inland mountain of Sandgrovskaret by archaeologists. It looks like that hunter would have sat in the semi-circular blinds and waited for reindeer (known as caribou in North America) to approach.

How the Hunting Blinds were Used

Evidence found at the site has led archaeologists to believe scaring sticks and flags were used in the hunting process. The scaring sticks would have been pushed into the ground at certain locations. Then flags would be attached to these sticks, the loud flapping, popping, and movement of the flags would then scare or push the reindeer closer to the hunting blinds where hunters waited. Basically, the ancient hunters were using the flags and blinds to create a deer drive, something many American hunters are familiar with. However, it is believed the reindeer weren’t blowing past the blinds. Rather it is thought that the flags would have caused the reindeer to work their way towards the blinds somewhat slowly.

A total of five arrows and a few arrowheads were also found near the hunting blinds. Three of the arrows and arrowheads were found to be similar to arrowheads that have been dated to between 550 and 600 A.D. However, the other two arrows look to be in a much older style. After comparing the arrows to others that have been found the archaeologists believe they date to around 800 B.C. The age of these artifacts shows that hunters have been using the site for at least 1400 years and that is just what can be proved, it is likely the area was used for much longer.

Discovers like this continue to show that hunting is at the very core of human civilization. You can read more International hunting news by clicking here.

What are your thoughts on these ancient hunting blinds? Have you ever found any evidence of ancient hunting in your area? Let us know in the comments!

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