A recent hunting survey by Responsive Management revealed that over 90% OF AMERICANS APPROVE OF HUNTING AND FISHING [ages 16 and up]. Up from 2015 reports. Interestingly enough, the same Responsive Management survey concluded that 81% of Americans approve of shooting sports. Fishing came in at 93%. Separately, the U.S. Dept. of Interior released a 5-year report in 2017 which concluded that 40% of Americans, ages 16 and up, participate in hunting, fishing, and wildlife-watching.
92% of Americans, including those who said they personally disapproved of hunting, said it is acceptable for other people to hunt provided they do so legally.” –John Pitaressi commented on a few notable data points from the for-purchase Responsive Management report.
This means, 9 out of 10 people approve of hunting and fishing while 8 out of 10 approve of shooting sports. Even moreapprove of simply enjoying wildlife-watching in the outdoors.

While the approval ratings are good, hunter numbers are still on the decline. We will report on that soon.

These numbers are good, even really good! The approval ratings may seem surprising. It should also highlight how loud and shrieking is the minority voice of antis. We have reported on a number of incidents involving anti-hunters. An activist group in Colorado harassed a shEHUNTR that harvested a mountain lion. Hunters are harassed for taking wolves. Our success photos afield are even used as ammunition against us. While hunters have to be united in our craft, be encouraged by the numbers. Public support is actually high.

The survey is thorough in detailing various factors that can influence approval numbers. The HOW and WHY a person participates in hunting can greatly impact approval.
…respondents generally approved of hunting for meat, to protect people or property, and for wildlife management, but were less likely to approve when the reasons given for hunting are for sport or for the challenge. And hunting for trophies was supported by fewer than a third, although those numbers are up since 2016…”
There is more support for the hunting of ungulates — deer, elk, moose— and waterfowl than there are for predators…”
Bowhunting has a higher approval rate than hunting with high tech gear. And hunting fenced in areas is generally not supported…
How does this change how you think about interacting with the public regarding hunting, fishing, and shooting?
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